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GCSE NEA Introduction

Welcome to the GCSE NEA support website. This page will introduce you to this year’s project and also how to access the resources to help you complete it.

What is the project and how do I start it?

You are set 3 ‘contexts’ by the AQA exam board from which you need to create your own project.

Please watch the tutorial video that will talk you through what the 3 contexts are and how to use them to start your project

If you want to see the 3 contexts set by AQA please click this button to download the PDF file:

If you want support on how to setup your PowerPoint file so that the pages are A3 then please click this link:

More support with starting the project

Once you have watched the introductory tutorial video you can see more examples of the mind map you need to create by clicking this link:

What to do once you have chosen your project

Once you have completed choosing your NEA project and you have had it checked by your teacher you will need to continue with your project. Click this link to go to the support index page. You will find a button to download the guidance booklet that will guide you through every task you need to compete. You will also find links on the webpage to support resources for each task. Remember,  if you need one to one help email your teacher!

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