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Design Brief & Specification

How to create a Mood Board

How to use 2D Design

On your PC desktop, open the folder called 'Additional Software', then the 'DT' folder. Open the software called 2D design.

Watch this video tutorial and then use the various features of 2D Design to see how they work.

Remember you can pause this video when required and also rewind sections to see how to use a function. Finally, in your booklet, on the page titled, 'How to Use 2d design' you are to label each of the tools shown on the toolbars and each of the features of the design screen.

2D Design Drawing Exercise

Using the 2D Design skills from your previous CAD lesson you are to draw each part of your night light casing. Look at the image below and draw each of the shapes accurately to size in 2D Design. Once completed you need to print your work and glue it into your booklet. Please note: When printing you will be given an option to print to one page, please select this so you don’t print on multiple pages!

How to use 2D Design Independent Learnin

Papers & Boards Research


Plastics Research

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