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How to setup Your Portfolio

For your NEA you will produce a portfolio using PowerPoint. Sheets must be set up at A3. As such there will be a lot of space to use so several pieces of work can fit onto one sheet. If this is the case the following points are essential so that the examiner can understand what the sheet shows.

How to change PowerPoint slide size

When presenting your work it is essential to do the following-​

  • Use a clear title​

  • Use a simple border​ and sub borders i.e. a black box

  • Use sub titles​

  • Clearly explain what your sheet is showing and why​

  • Use the full space of the sheet​-fit several pieces of work onto a sheet if required

  • Notes should be typed in 10pt-12p. No larger- remember this is an A3 page!

  • Do not use confusing backgrounds or slide designs. Keep it simple with a clear white background.

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