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Initial Ideas


PowerPoint Page:

Pages 6,7 & 8

It is suggested that this task is completed on the following PowerPoint slide....

(Note: This a suggestion to help you stay within the portfolio page limit but there may be times when this is not suitable).


A range of various ideas that show a variety of functions, materials, and briefly evaluate the features you have included.

Ideas can be hand drawn or drawn using CAD. Both should have colour and notes.

You will need at least 5 initial ideas that need to be scanned into your PowerPoint and evaluated. On this page include a summary of which ideas you like/dislike and why, what could be developed further and how. Try to make comments linked to the needs of yore Specification.

Teacher Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do.

Additional Resources:

Below you will find additional resources to support you with completing this task. These include additional tutorials and guidance materials you will have watched during the teacher tutorial.

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