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Client Interview


PowerPoint Page:

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It is suggested that this task is completed on the following PowerPoint slide....

(Note: This a suggestion to help you stay within the portfolio page limit but there may be times when this is not suitable).



You will need to interview a person who would use your product in the future.

Write a set of questions to find out what they would want from your product.

  • What is their age/gender?

  • Why would they need your product?

  • What problems would it solve for them?

  • How do they overcome this problem at present?

  • What can they afford to pay?

Try to support with photos of the problems they encounter.


Teacher Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do.


Additional Resources:

Below you will find additional resources to support you with completing this task. These include additional tutorials and guidance materials you will have watched during the teacher tutorial.

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