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Manufacturing Plan


PowerPoint Page:

Page 18

It is suggested that this task is completed on the following PowerPoint slide....

(Note: This a suggestion to help you stay within the portfolio page limit but there may be times when this is not suitable).


You will need to write a manufacturing plan that outlines, step by step, how you propose to make your final prototype.

Set up a table with the following column headings:

  • Process- this is step by step instructions explaining how to make your prototype

  • Tools- This is a list of tools for each instruction you wrote for the process column

  • Materials- this is a list of materials for each instruction you wrote for the process column

  • Quality Control check- this is a list of checks for each instruction you wrote for the process column

  • What to do if check fails- this is a suggest action if your instruction fails the quality control check.


The easiest way is to complete the process column first trying to include as many instructions as possible. Think about the process of making which involves- marking out, cutting, shaping and forming, assembly and finishing.

Teacher Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do.

Additional Resources:

Below you will find additional resources to support you with completing this task. These include additional tutorials and guidance materials you will have watched during the teacher tutorial.

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