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Informative Mood Board


PowerPoint Page:

Page 2

It is suggested that this task is completed on the following PowerPoint slide....

(Note: This a suggestion to help you stay within the portfolio page limit but there may be times when this is not suitable).



A mood board is a collection of images that start to visually show what your project could be about. The images could be based upon the following-

  • Types of existing products

  • Where the product could be used

  • The types of people who may use your product

  • The types of colours/materials/shapes

  • This should be condensed into a single page. You should also add labels or a traffic lighting system showing which pictures you like and could be useful and which you don’t and would avoid. Also include a key showing what the traffic light system means.


Teacher Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do.


Additional Resources:

Below you will find additional resources to support you with completing this task. These include additional tutorials and guidance materials you will have watched during the teacher tutorial.

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