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Product Analysis


PowerPoint Page:

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It is suggested that this task is completed on the following PowerPoint slide....

(Note: This a suggestion to help you stay within the portfolio page limit but there may be times when this is not suitable).



You need to find out about similar products to the one you wish to make. This will help you design a product that is new, exciting but also fits the purpose it is to be designed for. You should look at 2/3 products in depth.

You can lay the product analysis out in the form of a table or as a report and must include a picture of the product you are evaluating.

You then need to discuss the following points: -

  • Cost: How much do you think the materials cost?

  • Aesthetics: Is it attractive, why and what makes it so?

  • Function: What does it do and how does it work?

  • Ergonomics: How easy or comfortable is it to use?

  • Quality: How well is it made, what materials are used?

  • User: Who is it for and is it appropriate?

  • Environment: What effect do the product's manufacture, use and disposal have?


Finally summarise the product analysis by stating any points that you would include in your own design work and why, and anything that you would avoid and why.


Teacher Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do.


Additional Resources:

Below you will find additional resources to support you with completing this task. These include additional tutorials and guidance materials you will have watched during the teacher tutorial.

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