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Task to complete:

From your brainstorm you must select 3 areas which are of interest to you. For each area you are to write a paragraph describing what that situation involves, its history, who would be involved in it, its effect on society and any other points you wish to add. You are not describing problems within that situation.

Teacher Instruction:


Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do


  • You must have written at least 3 situations.

  • Try to ensure that you are not detailing problems.

  • A situation is a description of scenario/environment that people encounter during everyday life.

  • It should also reflect how this situation has developed/changed over time.

GAP Attainment:

Use the following table to understand what potential grade of work you will produce. Try to aim for the top grade!

GREEN- Grades D-E

You will have identified 3 situations and given a broad, general outline. You will be lacking detail (missing most of the key points from this guidance).

AMBER- Grades B-C

You will have provided 3 situations that are different to each other, you will have covered most of the guidance given. Some key points from the guidance may be missing.

PINK- Grades A*-A

You will have provided 3 situations that are different to each other. You will have outlined them in detail using  all the guidance given to create a detailed pen portrait.

Additional Resources:

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