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Research Plan

Task to complete:

This is a description or table outlining the research you are going to do to help with your project. Say what you need to find out and why, where and how you will get the information and how you will record and evaluate this information.

Teacher Instruction:


Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do


  • You need to include primary and secondary sources

  • You must talk to the end user of the design

  • Research should be relevant

  • You need research areas that directly influence your problem area but also areas that may be of use.

  • You must collect all the details of the environment it will be used in.

GAP Attainment:

Use the following table to understand what potential grade of work you will produce. Try to aim for the top grade!

GREEN- Grades D-E

Your plan will be limited looking at the most obvious points. It will be mainly focussed on secondary sources with some justification.

AMBER- Grades B-C

Your plan will cover the most obvious needs of your research and be mainly secondary sources with some primary. You will have justified nearly all of the points.

PINK- Grades A*-A

Your plan will cover all relevant aspects to required research including both primary and secondary resources. You will have justified the need for each piece of research.

Additional Resources:

Research Plan Image
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