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Problem Areas

Task to complete:

For each of your situations you must now detail problems which arise within it. these problems are not about redeveloping products, but are about where a product is needed to make things easier. These problems need to be listed and described in detail-  what is the problem! Each situation needs a minimum of 3 problems describing. Finally, from the 9 problems areas you have selected choose one and write a justification for its selection.

Teacher Instruction:


Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do


  • Ensure you have a minimum of 3 problem per situation.

  • Ensure that your problems do not only focus on existing products within that situation. You can discuss products but problems should not just be aimed at them.

  • When describing the problem link it to how it affects the user.

  • Finally write a conclusion stating which of the 9 problems you have identified you would like to take forward as your project. Remember to explain why this is a better problem to use than the other 8!

GAP Attainment:

Use the following table to understand what potential grade of work you will produce. Try to aim for the top grade!

GREEN- Grades D-E

You will have identified one or two problems within each situation. They may be similar or not be problems that would require a solution.

AMBER- Grades B-C

You will have identified 3 clear problems within each situation and given a general overview of the problem. You will have written a conclusion.

PINK- Grades A*-A

You will have identified 3 clear problems within each situation. You will have explained each of these in detail and written a conclusion identifying your chosen problem(s).

Additional Resources:

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