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Client Interview

Task to complete:

You will need to interview your client to find out what issues they encounter related to your design problem and any possible features they would like a product to have. Describe who you are interviewing, why they are relevant to your project and then include the key information they have provided.

Teacher Instruction:


Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do


  • Have you included the questions and why you asked them?

  • Have you included a summary of the answers?

  • Have you included the main things you have learnt from the interview?

  • Have you used the interview to further your understanding of what is needed in your project (written a conclusion)?

GAP Attainment:

Use the following table to understand what potential grade of work you will produce. Try to aim for the top grade!

GREEN- Grades D-E

You will have provided mainly secondary information and given generalised feedback lacking specific points.

AMBER- Grades B-C

You will have provided a mix of primary and secondary information. You will have followed most of the guidance given.

PINK- Grades A*-A

You will have provided primary photographs and analysed them in detail. You will have asked relevant questions using all of the guidance given.

Additional Resources:

Client Interview  Image
Client Image 2
Client Image 3
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