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Areas of interest

Task to complete:

This will be a large brainstorm. To complete this start by writing different headings for situations from everyday life eg. Travel, school/college, sport etc.

For each of these situations you now need to extend the brainstorm to show more specific areas within that heading eg. Sport- football, tennis, stadia, kit etc. Finally, you will need to select 3 areas that are of interest to you that you would like to take forward and develop into a possible project.

Teacher Instruction:


Watch the following tutorial where you will be talked through what you need to do


  • Ensure that you have explored the brainstorm in depth, you should be at least 50+ points on your brainstorm.

  • Your brainstorm must start with broad headings and then these are explored in more detail.

  • Ensure you have selected 3 areas of interest that you would like to develop further

GAP Attainment:

Use the following table to understand what potential grade of work you will produce. Try to aim for the top grade!

GREEN- Grades D-E

You will have listed considerably less than 50 areas. These areas will be very narrow and limited. Very few if any will be broken down into sub areas of interest

AMBER- Grades B-C

You will have listed around 50 areas. These will cover a narrow range of topics with some broken down into sub areas.

PINK- Grades A*-A

You will have listed over 50 possible areas of interest. These areas will cover a very broad range of areas. You will have expanded these areas to break them down into sub areas.

Additional Resources:

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